What is Liposuction?

Liposuction is an aesthetic surgical procedure that eliminates localized fat, shapes specific areas of the body through the elimination of fat deposits and improves the body contour.

Lipo, as many patients called it, is one of the most demanded aesthetic surgery in the world and can be combined with other procedures, for example, the Brazilian butt lift or the neck lift. Liposuction can be performed on areas such as the neck, arms, back, hips, abdomen, thighs, and legs.

Liposuction is not a cosmetic treatment meant for obesity or overweight but for the elimination of localized fat deposits in certain areas of the body or for the elimination of abdominal fat that resists diet and exercises.

The cost of liposuction may vary significantly from one patient to the other because this type of aesthetic surgery is designed to satisfy the individual needs of each person.

Who can have Liposuction?

The ideal candidates for a Liposuction are adults that are close to their ideal body weight, who have firm and elastic skin and a good muscular tone, but present accumulated fat deposits in certain areas that are disproportionate to the rest of their body and do not respond to diet or exercise.

It is also important for liposuction patients to be healthy and not to have any diseases that might threaten their lives or not to have any medical condition that might difficult the recovery process. Patients should be nonsmokers and should have a positive attitude and specific goals of lipo.

Those who comply with all these requirements and wish to give shape to their body, have a perfect fat free silhouette, obtain more definition or have a more elegant contour on certain areas of their body will find on Liposuction the most accurate solution for their problem.

What results can I expect from a Lipo?

Liposuction sculpts the figure and eliminates localized fat deposits that are too hard to eliminate through conventional methods such as diet or exercise. Patients who have liposuction done obtain a perfect fat-free silhouette.

Results from liposuction can be permanent, always with the proper care. This surgery consists of extracting fat cells from the body, therefore this fat cells will not grow again. However, it is important to maintain a stable weight in order to assure that the patient’s new look remains to be perfect. If the patient gains a significant amount of weight in the future, his/her general aspect might probably change while his/her body storages the excess of fat in other places that were not treated with the lipo.

Technique and protocol of Liposuction

Liposuction, also known as lipoaspiration, is a surgical technique through which skin fat cells are eliminated by means of an instrument called cannula (stainless steel tube) that is linked to a high-power suction or vacuum machine. This machine extracts and absorbs fat through the cannula and eliminates it from the body.

There are different ways of performing a lipo, whether it is with local or general anesthesia. The selection of one type or the other depends on the patient and the amount of fat that needs to be extracted. The surgeon can approach the area to be treated from different directions in order to achieve the best silhouette.

On a liposuction surgery, the doctor makes small incisions that are slightly visible in order to introduce the cannula which is in charge of losing the excess of fat by making controlled back and forward movements. Later on, the detached fat tissue is suctioned with a surgical vacuum or a large syringe that is linked to the cannula.

Many people consider liposuction surgery as an artistic expression associated with the medical sciences. Others see it as a normal aesthetic surgery, but the truth is this intervention requires a special passion for perfection and the search for beauty. It is about sculpting the body to provide it with beauty and eliminate imperfections, and of course, the better the technique is, the better the results from liposuction the patient gets.

A variation of this procedure is the liposculpture, which is defined as “the surgical art of returning the patient the lines and curves that belong to him/her”. With this surgery, the doctor not only suctions fat that accumulates in 12 areas of the abdomen but also sculpts the body to give it an attractive and stylized shape. Though its priority is the permanent improvement of the body contour, it can also be performed in other areas of the body such as legs, knees, buttocks, thighs, calves and even on men chest.

Liposculpture can be classified into two big groups: invasive liposculpture and non-invasive. The invasive one is a surgical intervention similar to liposuction. The non-invasive one is a combination of non-surgical treatments such as cavitation, mesotherapy, diode laser and radiofrequency that have the same purpose than the traditional liposculpture, but without having to go through surgery. However, this last one requires constant care and discipline because good nutrition and exercise are fundamental to the balance of our body.

Another nonsurgical variant of Liposuction is the Fat freezing, a novel and very effective treatment for the removal of fat that accumulates on the sides of the body, hips, abdomen, buttocks, thighs, and arms. This technique eliminates adipose tissue by applying cold directly into the area, with the objective of freeze the fat, so it can lose thickness and be eliminated by the body.

Recovery and Aftercare

The medical team will assure to provide the patient with all the advisement and recommendations necessary for a fast recovery from lipo. Drains are generally removed 7 days after the surgery always taking into account how each patient reacts. It is important to remember that recovery is a very important phase for the success of a procedure such as the liposuction.

The patient will receive a follow up to check his/her health condition and recovery process. The first appointment will take place 24 hours after the surgery. After 7 days the patient will be examined by the medical team and the drains will be looked over. The patient will have the next follow up appointments on days 14 and 21 after the surgery. After a month, the doctor will evaluate medical discharge. Normal activities can be resumed, approximately, 10 days after having the liposuction as long as the medical team does not recommend otherwise.

During the postoperative of a lipo surgery, once the doctor authorizes, lymphatic massages are very useful, which are specially thought for recoveries of this kind. These massages improve the firmness of the skin in the treated area and help the body to drain fluids.

Is Liposuction safe?

For us, at Bay Harbor Perfection, the safety of our patients is our priority. We have an impeccable safety record. Our specialists are among the bests in the aesthetic field in the entire State of Florida. Our equipment, techniques, and facilities are duly certified.

When having liposuction, as well as in other aesthetic procedures, following doctor’s instructions is the key to success. For the guarantee of our patients, we offer a full and sufficient preoperative evaluation for the patient, the surgeon, and the anesthetist. We offer a complete analysis, an accurate diagnosis for each individual case and a personalized treatment plan, as well as postoperative control by the surgeon during the first 24 hours and then monitoring consultations.