Vitamin C+ 12% (Stable)


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Product Description

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient, and integral factor in the quality and efficiency of the skin’s natural Collagen synthesis process. Without adequate levels of Vitamin C your skin struggles to maintain normal healthy levels of Collagen and antioxidant protection.
Bay Harbor Perfections’ Vitamin C Serum 12% delivers this important nutrient directly to the skin in order to supplement and revitalize the skin’s Collagen levels. The antioxidant benefits of Vitamin C help protect the skin from harmful environmental influences like free radicals and pollution.
Artfully blended in a soft and soothing serum, this remarkable formula promotes healthy, visibly vibrant skin, and is convenient and easy to apply.
– Helps stimulate a boost in Collagen production.
– Provides antioxidant benefits to fight oxidative stress & free radicals.
– Stabilized for efficiency and longevity.

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